Lucas’s Awesome Camper Van Travels: From Indonesia to the Philippines
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Lucas’s Awesome Camper Van Travels: From Indonesia to the Philippines

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Lucas’s Camper Van Travels: From Indonesia to the Philippines


Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world? Exploring new places, immersing yourself in different cultures, and indulging in exciting adventures? Meet Lucas, an avid traveller with an insatiable wanderlust. Lucas has embarked on numerous journeys, but two of his most memorable trips were his solo adventures to Indonesia and the Philippines. In this article, we’ll delve into his love for traveling, his inspiration for van life, the incredible features of his North America exploration van, and even take a video tour of his mobile home. So sit back, relax, and join us on this virtual journey of a lifetime.

Solo Trip to Indonesia and the Philippines

Falling in Love with Traveling

Lucas’s passion for travel started at a young age when his parents took him on family vacations to various destinations. However, it was during his solo trip to Indonesia and the Philippines that he truly fell in love with the art of traveling. The breath-taking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and warm hospitality of the locals left an indelible mark on his heart.

Inspiration for Van Life

While exploring the stunning archipelagos of Indonesia and the Philippines, Lucas stumbled upon the concept of van life. Inspired by the freedom, flexibility, and sense of adventure that living on the road offered, he knew he had found his calling. From that moment on, Lucas knew he wanted to create his own mobile home that would accompany him on his future adventures.

Exploring North America in a Van

Current Adventure in North America

After his incredible experience in Southeast Asia, Lucas turned his attention to North America. Packed with diverse landscapes and an endless array of natural wonders, he knew this continent would be the perfect playground for his love of traveling. So, he embarked on an adventure in his trusty van, ready to explore the wonders that North America had to offer.

Second Van Purchase

As his journeys across North America continued, Lucas decided to upgrade his van. He wanted a vehicle that could provide him with even greater comfort and convenience during his travels. After thorough research, he found the perfect van for his needs – the Sprinter 170. This versatile and spacious van allowed for customization and had all the necessary features for an unforgettable van life experience.

Van Build Features

European-inspired Corner Shower

One of the standout features of Lucas’s van build is the European-inspired corner shower. With its sleek design and clever use of space, this shower allows Lucas to freshen up after a long day of exploring without sacrificing comfort. The waterproof materials and efficient drainage system ensure a hassle-free shower experience.

Double Pass-through to the Cab

When designing his van, Lucas wanted to ensure easy access between the living quarters and the cab. He incorporated a double pass-through, allowing seamless movement between the two areas. This feature not only enhances convenience but also creates a sense of unity and flow within the space.

Happy Jack Lift Bed for Lounge Area

To maximize space and provide multiple functionalities, Lucas installed a Happy Jack lift bed for the lounge area. This innovative bed system can be easily raised or lowered, transforming the space into a comfortable seating area during the day and a cozy sleeping area at night. It’s the perfect setup for enjoying a good book or getting a good night’s sleep under the stars.

Kitchen with Induction Stove and Deep Sink

As an avid foodie, Lucas prioritized creating a functional and well-equipped kitchen in his van. The kitchen features an induction stove, allowing him to whip up delicious meals wherever he may be. The deep sink is perfect for washing dishes, and the ample counter space provides plenty of room for food preparation. Lucas’s van truly is a gourmet’s dream on wheels.

Kitchen Features

Hanging Wine Glasses

To add a touch of elegance and prevent glass breakage while on the move, Lucas incorporated a clever solution for storing wine glasses. By hanging them upside down from the ceiling, he ensures they stay secured and ready to use whenever a celebratory moment arises. It’s the perfect way to toast to a successful day of adventuring.

Preventing Glass Breakage

While on the road, the last thing Lucas wants to worry about is broken glassware. To keep fragile items safe and sound, he installed custom storage compartments with cushioning material to absorb shocks. This thoughtful design feature gives him peace of mind, knowing that his glassware is protected during bumpy rides.

Water Pump and Consistent Water Pressure

Having a reliable water system is essential for life on the road. Lucas equipped his van with a high-quality water pump that ensures consistent water pressure throughout his travels. Whether he needs water for cooking, showering, or cleaning, he can always count on a steady flow that meets his needs.

Soap Dispenser and Towel Rack

In the compact space of the van’s kitchen, Lucas found creative solutions for storing essentials. He installed a built-in soap dispenser and a towel rack, making it easy to keep his hands clean and dry during meal preparation. These small additions add convenience and functionality to his daily routine.

Pantry Storage

Staying organized is crucial when living in a small space, and Lucas certainly didn’t overlook this aspect. He incorporated plenty of pantry storage options to keep his food supplies neatly arranged. With cleverly designed shelves and compartments, Lucas can easily find what he needs without sacrificing precious living space.

Video Tour of the Van

Kitchen, Electrical System, Bathroom, and Garage

Curious to see how Lucas’s van looks? We’ve got you covered. In the video tour, you’ll get an up-close look at the meticulously designed kitchen, complete with all the necessary appliances and storage solutions. The electrical system is showcased, demonstrating how Lucas powers his van and stays connected on the road. You’ll also catch a glimpse of the compact yet functional bathroom, as well as the spacious garage area where Lucas stores his adventure gear.

Van Life Adventures on his Camper Van Travels

While the interior of Lucas’s van is impressive, it’s the experiences he has on the road that truly make his journey unforgettable. In the video tour, Lucas shares some of his most cherished van life adventures, ranging from breath-taking hikes to encounters with wildlife. Each adventure serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that await those who embrace the nomadic lifestyle.

Art Piece on the Black Wall

One unique aspect of Lucas’s van build is the art piece displayed on the black wall. This personal touch adds a touch of personality and warmth to the space, reflecting Lucas’s passion for art and self-expression. It’s a beautiful focal point that ties the entire design together, showcasing how the van truly feels like a home on wheels.

The Convertible Living Room/Bedroom Setup

Upper Cabinet for Storage

In order to make the most of the available space, Lucas installed an upper cabinet for additional storage. This sleek and functional storage solution provides ample room for clothes, personal belongings, and other essentials. By utilizing vertical space, he ensures that every inch of his van is optimized for convenience and comfort.

Dometic RTX 2000 Air Conditioner

Traveling in extreme weather conditions can be challenging, but Lucas has found a solution. The van is equipped with a Dometic RTX 2000 air conditioner, keeping the living space cool even on scorching hot days. This powerful and energy-efficient cooling system ensures that Lucas can relax and unwind in comfort, regardless of the outside temperature.

Lagoon Swivel Table and Upholstery Cushions

Versatility is key when it comes to van life, and Lucas wanted a convertible space that could adapt to his changing needs. He incorporated a Lagoon swivel table that can be adjusted to various heights and positions, allowing for dining, working, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. The upholstery cushions provide comfortable seating and can also be rearranged to create a cozy lounge area or a spacious bed.

Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Living on the road requires well-designed plumbing and electrical systems, and Lucas’s van doesn’t disappoint. The plumbing system includes a freshwater tank, a gray water tank, and a water heater, allowing for a hot shower and clean water for cooking and cleaning. The electrical system is powered by solar panels and includes a battery bank, ensuring a sustainable and reliable power source no matter where Lucas’s adventures lead.

Happy Jack Bed with Skylight and Blackout Screen

One of the highlights of the living space is the Happy Jack bed. With the push of a button, the bed can be raised or lowered, providing additional storage space or transforming the area into a comfortable sleeping quarters. The skylight allows natural light to flood the space, while the blackout screen ensures a peaceful and restful sleep, even in the brightest of mornings.

Washer and Projector

Lucas’s ingenious van build includes a compact washer, making laundry a breeze even when on the road. In addition, a built-in projector allows for entertainment and movie nights under the stars. These thoughtful additions enhance the comfort and convenience of Lucas’s van life experience, allowing him to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life, wherever his travels take him.

Credits to @samandkellysvan

Throughout his van build journey, Lucas sought inspiration and guidance from other van lifers who share their adventures and expertise on social media platforms. One individual who played a significant role in Lucas’s van build process was @samandkellysvan. Their creativity, attention to detail, and passion for van life provided invaluable inspiration for Lucas’s own project. Lucas credits them for inspiring him to push his boundaries and turn his van into a dream home on wheels.

Bonus Content: Introducing the Sprinter 170 Van

Lucas’s current van, the Sprinter 170, is a marvel of engineering and design. With its spacious interior, comfortable amenities, and customizable features, it’s no wonder this van is a favourite among van lifers. From the moment Lucas saw the Sprinter 170, he knew it was the perfect canvas for his own van build. Stay tuned as we embark on an in-depth exploration of this incredible vehicle in an upcoming article.


Lucas’s love for traveling knows no bounds, and his van life adventures in Indonesia, the Philippines, and North America have only fuelled his passion for exploration. With his meticulously designed van and the incredible features it offers, Lucas has created a home on wheels that allows him to roam freely and experience the world on his own terms. As he continues his journey, Lucas looks forward to future client builds and sharing his adventures on Instagram. So, if you want to follow along and witness the beauty of van life, be sure to check out @lucassvanadventures for all the latest updates and breath taking travels. Happy trails!

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